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Horseback Riding Lessons


The Barnyard offers western style riding lessons for kids ages 5 and older. Riding lessons include learning how to brush the horse, tack up the horse with a saddle and bridle, as well as the basics of riding - walking, trotting, stopping, backing, turning, and maybe loping. We have two options for riding lessons:


  1. Half-Hour lessons, $15 --> for kids under 8 until they can prove a longer length with their skills and attention span

  2. Hour lessons, $25 --> for kids who can handle the length of the lesson with their skills and attention span


Our riding instructors, Kim and Amber, have been giving riding lessons for over 20 years. 


One of the horses that is used for our riding lessons is named Travler. He is 32 years old this year and has been toting around kids his whole life. Travler has been used for many things - shows, lessons, birthdays, pony rides, etc. - and has accomplished much in his time! He has even been the NC State 4-H Western Pony Champion and Reserve Champion before!! 

Call to schedule a riding lesson!


* No equipment purchases necessary

* We provide helmets

* Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes 

* Boots are preferred, but not required

Horseback Riding Lessons
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